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Hospitality industry, due to an immense growth in the number of global and domestic travellers, across India, is looking to service all segments. We have lit properties as luxurious as The Oberoi, New Delhi, as businesslike as Grand Mercure, Bangalore and as architecturally relevant as Raas, Jodhpur. And the list comprises of guest rooms, corridors, public areas and facades.


Fun is serious business today! And the consumers have got a huge list, when it comes to making a choice…cinema halls, clubs, restaurants…This has been keeping the owners and managers of leisure facilities on their toes. They can not afford to provide an experience, that’s less than fascinating. And our lights have been doing their job pretty seriously! 

Shopping Malls

Lights have played an important role in the architecture of the Shopping Malls. Our team always selects best quality luminaires that suits the corners of Shopping malls. Our standard lighting solutions always meet the varied needs of shopping malls.


In Night clubs, lighting always allows the guest feel special with laser lights and equipments. LED lighting systems have become necessary in today’s night clubs where it always gives versatile visual experiences to all the guests. We use new different types of LED lights, fixtures and applications to the corners of night club venues and satisfy our clients.


Residences, due to the spiraling real estate cost, have been getting more and more compact. And, the globe-trotting, art-loving Indians want their homes to suit their individual tastes. They invest as much effort as they can to decorate their homes. Light planning for these dream homes is of course a very well defined process. We offer a range of down-lighting, accent-lighting, wall-washing and wall-grazing products, for such applications


Lumiere provides aesthetically pleasing park lighting solutions that builds sustainable environment. We always ensure that our lighting solutions increase a clear visibility to all the people during dark environment. Our lighting systems are easy to install and includes energy efficiency solutions for all the parks.

retail stores

Display lighting, thanks to the rise of the great Indian middle class, with higher disposable income, is one of the fastest developing sectors. We have lit a very vast number of stores and exhibition spaces.


Going to the office isn’t simply about working from a cubicle anymore. Modern office design is all about unique workspaces, that will appeal to a broad range of employees-employees whose retention is very crucial for today’s businesses. And, one component of a solid employer/employee relationship is a pleasant office environment. Our light fixtures have been doing unusual stuff for these funky office spaces!