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about us

Our journey in the world of “illumination” began in 1986, with manufacturing custom luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications. These ranged from the basic incandescent to high intensity discharged products.

Till 1990, we just assembled light sources, control gears, various kinds of metal components and diffusers, into forms that complimented architecture. This exposed us to the technical aspects of “lighting”, and we felt a strong desire to take the next logical step, viz. utilization of lighting as a tool to enhance architecture. Hence, we started designing and manufacturing technical luminaires.

While our products were used being used to light some outstanding architectural marvels, being a segment reserved for small scale industries, we kept coming across hindrances related to available technologies. And in late 90s, as property owners started utilizing services of international designers and consultants, our products were being compared with luminaires produced by some of the best European lighting giants. This is when we came across manufacturers who had exposure to the best technologies and were looking for partners in India.

In year 2000, we got into an agreement with an Italian manufacturer, and since then, we have been working with some of the best names in Europe and The USA.